Helper Libraries

Getting started using one of the City of Philadelphia APIs is easy - you can use one of these helper libraries, or even write your own. If you'd like to contribute or enhance any of the libraries listed here, make sure to fork the source code on GitHub and send a pull request to the project sponsor.

phl-geocodeNode.jsGet latitude and longitude coordinates for a Philadelphia Address.
phl-pac-complaintsNode.jsA module for working with City of Philadelphia's Police Advisory Commission Complaints Data. (Node.js)
phl-poll-finderNode.jsFind the polling location for a Philadelphia voter. (Node.js)
phliNode.jsA module for working with City of Philadelphia's Licenses & Inspections Data.
py-liPythonA thin wrapper for the City of Philadelphia L&I API.
open311Node.jsA module for interacting with an Open311 API.
open311_phpPHPOpen311 library updated for GeoReport v2.
threePythonAn easy-to-use wrapper for the Open311 API.
Open311 GemRubyA wrapper for the Open311 API v2.
ArchaeologistNode.jsA thin Node.js client for working with the ESRI ArcGIS Server REST API.

In addition to the libraries list above, you can obtain information and helper libraries for working with OData APIs from the OData website.

Also, ESRI maintains an extensive set of developer resources and tutorials for working with ArcGIS APIs. You can find documentation and materials on the ESRI developer site.